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Case Studies

  1. A Business Value Analysis from Alliance Business Brokers helped on of the owners of a large Heating, Plumbing, and Air Conditioning company determine what the enterprise value of the business is. This helped negotiate with other shareholders a buyout for full control of the business.

  2. The buyer of a Medical supplies distributor and retailer hired Alliance Business Brokers to prepare a Business Value Analysis on the business. The results allowed the buyer to negotiate price and terms with the seller based on an independent, third party opinion. The cost of the Business Value Analysis was paid many times over in the negotiation with the seller.

  3. The owners of a Water and Air remediation business wanted to sell their business and retire. After receiving a Business Value Analysis from Alliance Business Brokers, they concluded that they could increase the value of the business and sell it for much more if they waited a few years and implement certain "Value Drivers" (changes to the business that increase value). They decided to hold off in selling at this time and hope to add approximate $200,000 in a higher selling price by making these changes.

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